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2023-2024 FASD Collaborative
Webinar Series On the Horizon!

The FASD Collaborative Project hosted 40 free webinars in the 2021-2022 year. We want to thank everyone who contributed to this first successful year of work by the Collaborative, including our presenters, attendees to live and on-demand sessions, and our financial supporters.

We are now preparing for our next round of webinars for 2023-2024, which will provide more depth and breadth to the content now offered in common here at the Collaborative.

We are also excited about new funding being made available to the FASD Collaborative, to help us make our website easier to navigate for content, provide us with funding to support our webinar series, and to help promote more continuing education opportunities for professionals.

Below you will find links to our current catalog of on-demand webinars. Information about continuing education graduate credit and FREE certificates of completion can be found here.

Across the Lifespan Webinar Series

On-Demand Webinars

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