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What I Should Know About an IEP or 504 for My Child with an FASD
What I Should Know About an IEP or 504 for My Child with an FASD

What I Should Know About an IEP or 504 for My Child with an FASD

Presenter: Jonathan Stahl, MSpEd, Adaptive and Functional, Center-Based Resource Teacher/Case Manager, Vice President of Kansas FASD Support Network

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This webinar will explore the differences between IEP and  504 plans for school-aged children with neurodiversity, specifically FASD. 

After the presentation, participants will be able to explain the  difference between accommodations and interventions and modifications;  participants will learn language to better advocate for the children in  their care, and be familiar with the countless acronyms within the  Special Education Language. Participants will learn different approaches  to partnering with educators and administrators. Participants will be  able to ask specific questions that apply to the children in their care  and learn about specific ideas and strategies which are especially  helpful with those impacted with FASD. Participants will be introduced  to the concept of strengths-based approach to neurodiversity and will  connect with other caregivers on the journey of parenting a neurodiverse  child to gain continued support and learn about resources in their  area.

About the Presenter

Jonathan is a foster/adoptive/bio parent, trauma trainer, and special education teacher. He has been fostering teenagers for 8 years, training foster parents for 4 years, and has been working in special education for over a decade.

Jonathan has seen many teens come through his home with FASD and is passionate about working with judges, lawyers, and law enforcement on reform. He has also taught and case managed many students with FASD and is passionate about educational reform as well.

Jonathan desires to work with communities to help ensure comprehensive changes to help support children and families as they navigate everything that comes along with FASD.

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