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FASD Collaborative Project

Creating connection and community

through informed partnerships.



 Support Groups Calendar

Offering 30+ support and educational groups for caregivers, parents, and individuals with an FASD.

Working Remotely

FASD Webinars


nearly 40 on-demand

FASD webinars

by many of the

leading voices

in the FASD community.



FASD Special Interest Groups

Have professional questions about FASD? Join one of our 8 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) designed to help professionals implement evidence-based practices for brain differences.

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Thank you to

University of Arkansas Partners for Inclusive Communities for the opportunity to develop innovative FASD training and programming in 2024.

We are stronger together.


Thank you to State of Alaska Department of Health

for sponsorship of FASD resource development and partnership growth in 2024.

We are stronger together.

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