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​FASD Collaborative

Special Interest Groups

The FASD Collaborative Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are designed to offer discipline and/or topic specific discussion spaces for its members. Across SIGs, the primary focus is to provide a space for collaboration and knowledge sharing about best practices in the field of FASD. Each SIG provides discussions on ways to enhance community resources on effective, evidence-based practices for supporting individuals with an FASD and their families. 

The format of each group will vary based on the needs and interests of those participating in the SIG.  For more information, please contact the SIG hosts below to be added to their mailing list or to learn more about their community.

Don't See Your Professional Field or an Important Topic Represented Below?

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If you would like to create a SIG for your professional area or have a specific topic of interest for the field, please contact Emily Rusnak, FASD Collaborative Project Executive Director at

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FASD Knowledge Share Collective SIG

We host an open space to share what you are doing in the field of FASD, discuss potential interests and ideas regarding recent developments in our states/territories/local areas, interstate, international, or cross-organizational collaborations, and any other ideas for sharing what has or hasn’t worked, challenges we've experienced, and how we can learn from one another.


The intention of this special interest group is to promote immediate networking and successful connections that can then be furthered through individual collaborations after or in-between Knowledge Share meetings. Meetings are currently quarterly.

For more information contact Kelly Rain Collin at Please include FASD Knowledge Share Collective SIG in the subject line. 

FASD Diagnostic SIG

This special interest group (SIG) is designed for professionals involved in the FASD diagnostic process with the goal of promoting evidence-based practices in this integral area.

Members internationally and from multiple professions (e.g., psychology, medicine, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, social work, etc.) are all welcome. Topics will cover a wide range including screening, testing, and diagnosing. Broader conversations, such as methods, coding, and case conceptualization will also take place.

For more information contact Laura Gumbiner, Ph.D. Please include FASD Diagnostic SIG in the subject line. 

Childs Pyschologist
Child Playing
FASD and Child Welfare SIG

This work group is hosted by Families Rising (formerly the North American Council on Adoptable Children/NACAC) and will focus on how we can elevate FASD knowledge within the child welfare arena.  We will discuss how to share FASD information with child welfare professionals including screening, best practices, and training around FASD as well as how to support families who are caring for a child with an FASD. 

Adoption, foster care, and child protection professionals are welcome to join this group and bring your ideas on how we can spread more awareness of FASD in our systems.  Our group will meet quarterly. 


For more information, contact Barb Clark, to join or ask questions.  Please include FASD Child Welfare Group in the subject line. 

FASD and Schools SIG

This Special Interest Group (SIG) hosted by Formed Families Forward (FFF) in Virginia is dedicated to bringing parents, caregivers, and professional educators together to discuss ways to best support students with FASDs in the classroom.


The intention of this SIG is to focus on ways to build reciprocal relationships between school and home. We seek to identify and promote approaches that result in better outcomes for students with an eye toward systemic school changes that honor the social/emotional and academic needs of students with FASDs.

​Contact Stacia Stribling at to join this SIG.

School Kids
Speech Therapist

FASD and Allied Health SIG

If you are someone who works in allied health internationally, please join us for regular discussions on how our fields can effectively support individuals with an FASD and their families.


This professional forum is hosted by the Specialty Diagnostic Resource Center, Arkansas's FASD diagnostic center. Allied health professions include, but are not limited to, audiology (AudD), occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), physician assistant (PA), rehabilitation counseling, and speech-language pathology (SLP).

Contact Elizabeth Cleveland, Ph.D. at to join this SIG.

Mental Health Professionals SIG

A professional forum hosted by The Center for Neurobehavioral Guidance (Illinois FASD United Affiliate). This SIG supports mental health professionals internationally who are individually supporting individuals with FASDs and their families.

Suitable for the following professions: Mental Health Therapists, Counselors, Psychotherapists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Professional Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors, Psychiatrists, Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, Developmental Therapists, Occupational Therapists (supporting areas such as emotional regulation).


Contact Janessa Nikols, NCC, LCPC at to join this SIG.

Therapy Session
Working from Home
Housing and Supports for Adults with FASD SIG

This is a workgroup co-hosted by Orchids FASD Services of WI and the Statewide Independent Living Council of Alaska for the purposes of finding, supporting, and sharing information about accessible housing options and related supports for adults with FASD.  We will identify and discuss the issues and barriers people with FASD face as well as the supports needed for obtaining and maintaining suitable, stable, and affordable housing. We will focus on developing concrete solutions to these problems.



Individuals who have experience searching for, finding, or creating housing opportunities for special needs adults are welcome to join the group and should consider themselves professionals on this subject. FASD caregivers, self-advocates, residential staff, housing specialists, and housing rights advocates may be particularly interested in joining.   


Our group meets twice per month and welcome new members. Please contact Jackie Wille at to join or to ask questions about this SIG.  Please write FASD Housing Group in the subject line.

FASD Higher Education SIG

This is a special interest group (SIG) hosted by NOFAS Missouri (current name change in process) is designed to discuss the development and promotion of undergraduate, graduate, and professional education resources specific to FASD. This SIG is suitable for professors and instructors in higher education, as well as programmatic leaders for organizations (such as LEND programs), with a vested interest in sharing resources to help build intra- and interdisciplinary training/coursework to advance FASD pre-professional and continuing education.


Contact Leigh Tenkku Lepper at to join or to ask questions about this SIG.

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