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FASD Support Groups

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Das FASD Collaborative Project ist stolz darauf, 23 Online -Selbsthilfegruppen für leibliche Mütter, leibliche Familien, Selbstvertreter und Betreuer in der FASD-Gemeinschaft anbieten zu können.

Selbsthilfegruppen, die im Rahmen des FASD Collaborative Project angeboten werden, stehen derzeit alle neuen Mitgliedern offen . Bitte beachten Sie unsere Angebote unter:

Accessing Support Makes a Difference

"Regardless of the type of support group, participants report many of the same perceived benefits from participation:

  • Fostering hope;

  • Learning about the issue that brings them to the support group;

  • Learning coping strategies;

  • Overcoming isolation;

  • Building social and support networks;

  • Learning from successful role models;

  • Feeling more in control over the situation;

  • Overcoming stigma;

  • Learning about the services available and being able to advocate more effectively."


--Worrall, Schweizer, Marks, Yuan, & Lloyd (2018)

in The Effectiveness of Support Groups: A Literature Review

Want to Host an Online FASD Support Group?

Whether your organization has been running a group for years or have a fresh idea you'd like to offer to the FASD community, reach out to discuss your idea with FASD Collaborative Project. We welcome groups focused on caregivers/parents, self-advocates, siblings, or specialized topics that would be meaningful to our community.


We have tools you can use to help create your group online, access Zoom services, and advertise to the global FASD community.


Contact us to discuss your idea or existing support group.

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