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We are proud to partner with research labs globally to support recruitment for FASD-related research projects. If you have an IRB-approved project you would like to advertise on our website, please reach out to

CBT-A Study

Target group: Teens with FASD and/or Caregivers

  • Teens with FASD (ages 14-17), caregivers, or both can participate

  • Open to individuals living in the US

  • This study will help us adapt a mental health therapy for teens with FASD

  • This study involves an online survey

  • The survey includes short videos explaining parts of the therapy program

  • Participants are asked if they make sense and what changes might be needed

  • To learn more, click here for the general information flyer or here for details and an interest form

Mother and Sons
Casual Discussion

Thriving with FASD Study

Target group: Young Adults with FASD

  • Young adults ages 18-25 can participate

  • Residents of the US only

  • Involves two interviews on Zoom (~30 minutes each)

  • Try out a goal setting activity and social support network tool

  • Help us learn what helps adults thrive

  • Results will help inform a new program

  • To learn more:

  • Email:

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Study

Target group: Family Court Judges

  • Residents of US only

  • Involves one interview exploring how CASA volunteers can aid in identifying children with FASD and facilitating access to services

  • Interviews with CASA staff and personnel have been completed (only recruiting judges at this time)

  • View the flyer here

  • Find out more information and an interest form here

American Judge
Attentive Therapist

FMF Connect Pro (CIFASD) Study

Target group: Mental Health Providers and Trainees

Recruitment Target Areas:

July - September 2024: NY State Only

August - December 2024: CA State Only

  • Applicable for ALL mental health providers and trainees serving children ages 3-12 and their families

  • Having identified children with FASD on caseloads is not required

  • FMF Connect Pro teaches providers how to do routine screening of prenatal alcohol exposure with all clients, apply DSM-5 diagnosis for FASD, and support families using the FMF Connect app

  • Continuing education provided for psychology, social work, and counseling

  • View the flyer here

  • To learn more visit:

  • Email:

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